Calm in Chaos with Caroline Ward, International Speaker and Author on Human Potential
Humans in Transition: How to have the courage to make things up as we go

Caroline Ward is an international speaker and author on human potential, transformational coach and modern day yogi. Learn from Caroline about:

- What we can access within ourselves to manage transitions well

- Core skills and awareness to cultivate to be able to access our intuition and courage

- How to discern the intuitions to follow vs ones that are clouded

- Practical everyday habits and experiments which can help us to develop our skills and awareness
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Calm in Chaos Virtual Learning Group

Weekly 'pause' and learning conversations to spread calm during these difficult times

2020 has certainly not been a year like any other.

At this time of uncertainty, you may be feeling worried, anxious and maybe panicked about a range of things. Uncertainty - simply not knowing what will happen - creates anxiety.  Prolonged anxiety and panic increases the stress hormone, cortisol and suppress our immune system - which is the last thing we need right now. The worry and stress can also stop us from responding creatively and adapting.

The Calm in Chaos virtual learning group series is a weekly opportunity to 'pause' and deliberately create space to step back, create a resourceful state to learn strategies, skills and tools to manage ourselves and navigate through these uncertain times.

Let's spread calm, rather than the virus or panic.
We are asking people to pay around AU$30 if you can but please do not pay if you cannot pay and you are very welcome to join the live session or view the recording without paying.

20% of proceeds will be donated to FoodBank
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About Caroline Ward

Connect with Caroline on
Caroline Ward is an expert in helping people unleash their potential and realise their dreams. In her consulting firm About People, she pioneered organisational transformation processes throughout Australia. Based in Chile during the past 13 years, she has led teams and communities in transition and has worked with individual leaders as as they navigate change in the uncertain world in which they operate.

Caroline is also an educator, a coach, a thinking partner and author of two books, with a third underway. She is a sought after international speaker; a long term meditation practitioner who has travelled to over 60 countries teaching, facilitating and coaching people in areas such as resilience, leading through transition, integrating the feminine archetype and creating a life that one loves to live.

Caroline very naturally carries a deep understanding of transition and transformation and is able to pinpoint specifics within our individual and/or collective thinking, believing and being that either liberate us or keep us stuck. 
Megumi and Quietly Powerful
Quietly Powerful is a movement started by Megumi Miki, to help quieter professionals to succeed on their own terms and help organisations and society to expand their definition of what good leadership looks like.

Due to current mainstream beliefs about what good leadership looks like - typically outspoken and dominant - quiet professionals feel overlooked workplace. On the other hand, Quietly Powerful leaders exist, they make significant contributions to organisations and society. Organisations miss out as incredibly talented people, potential Quietly Powerful leaders, remain hidden and under-utilised. We need to expand our definition of what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like.

Since starting in August 2016, the movement has attracted thousands of people from around the world, with growing interest in Australia and globally on LinkedIn.

The work is firmly based on the view that quieter professionals can be powerful leaders in their chosen field because of their quieter nature, not in spite of it. Powerful shifts have occurred in professionals with whom Megumi has worked.

In this current uncertain and chaotic environment, one of the quiet superpowers - inner calm - is critically needed, regardless of personality and natural tendencies. Calm in Chaos aims to spread calm, not panic in these extraordinary times.

Megumi is constantly developing a range of resources and tools for quieter professionals and organisations who wish to unlock their hidden talent - join the movement and Unlock the music you were born to play!

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