Calm in Chaos Virtual Learning Group

Weekly 'pause' and learning conversations to spread calm during these difficult times

2020 has certainly not been a year like any other.

At this time of uncertainty, you may be feeling worried, anxious and maybe panicked about a range of things. Uncertainty - simply not knowing what will happen - creates anxiety.  Prolonged anxiety and panic increases the stress hormone, cortisol and suppress our immune system - which is the last thing we need right now. The worry and stress can also stop us from responding creatively and adapting.

The Calm in Chaos virtual learning group series is a weekly opportunity to 'pause' and deliberately create space to step back, create a resourceful state to learn strategies, skills and tools to manage ourselves and navigate through these uncertain times.

Let's spread calm, rather than the virus or panic.
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  • 2. Katrina Webb - Paralympic Gold Medalist and International Speaker on Leadership and Personal Mastery, on Calm under Pressure
  • 3. Anneli Blundell - Professional People Whisperer, on Communicating with people during challenging times
  • 4. Susan Wahhab - Financial Strategist and Money Mentor, on How do you plan for financial uncertainty?
  • 5. Michelle Gibbings - Workplace Expert, Author and Speaker, on Using Gratitude to successfully navigate our way forward
  • 6. Jo Skipper - Director at The Next Group, on job searching and networking while physically distant
  • 7. Jacinda Fisher - Clinical Psychologist working with children/teens, on supporting children through the crisis while caring for our own needs
  • 8. Stephen Dowling - Founder of ETM, business/individual agility expert, on 'Unlearning' as a key skill to adapt in the rapidly changing world
  • 9. Paul Mischel - Facilitator, Coach, NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist, on the science and practice of meditation/mindfulness/relaxation
  • 10. Victor Perton - Chief Optimism Officer at the Centre for Optimism, on the why, what and how of optimism in challenging times
  • 11. Dr Jenny Brockis - Medical Doctor and Specialist in Brain Health/High Performance Thinking, on caring for our and others' mental health
  • 12. Karen Hollenbach , LinkedIn Training Expert on How to build meaningful connections through LinkedIn while physically distant
  • 13. Dana Eisenstein - Leadership and Transformation Facilitator / Executive Coach, on setting and communicating boundaries for our wellbeing
  • 14. Wendy Cole - Leadership and Productivity Expert, on keeping productive as our working arrangements change
  • 15. Audrey McGibbon - Leadership Wellbeing Researcher, Advisor and Expert on how leaders can care for their and others' wellbeing
  • 16. Caroline Ward - International Speaker, Author and Modern Day Yogi on humans in transition, courage to make it up as you go
  • 17. Diana Renner, award winning author of 'Not Knowing' and 'Not Doing' , on turning uncertainty into opportunity and take effortless action
  • 18. Pete Jensen, Organisational Wellbeing Strategist / Happiness Expert, on how Covid19 holds the key to our happiness, energy and wellbeing
  • 19. Megumi Miki reflecting on themes and summary points from sessions so far
  • 20. Charity Becker, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Supervisor and Ethics Geek, on How our thought patterns can prevent us from accessing calm
  • 21. Joan Lurie, Systemic Change Expert and Founder of Orgonomix, on The role of leaders beyond ‘R U OK?’ in complexity and uncertainty
  • 22. Zandy Fell, Workplace Conflict Resolution Expert on How to deal with workplace conflict during covid – and not make it worse
  • 23. Peter Spence, Sports and Performance Consultant on How a calm and still mind is key to high performance
  • 24. Scott Dargan, EQ expert and active manager of his own bipolar condition , on mental health from the direct experience of bipolar/depression
  • 25. Nicola Vague, Founder of Evolving Leaders, Author of "Carving out space to lead" on being intentional, connected to take conscious action
  • 26. Tom Verghese, Speaker, Cross Cultural Consultant and Executive Coach: Conscious Aging – embrace our age and transition into eldership
  • 27. Norman Buckley, Author of the Facet5 Personality Profiling Tool, How different personalities have handled Covid and lockdowns
  • 28. Annalise Jennings, Community and Business Strategist MaryAnn Coconut, Thanikwithi Aboriginal Elder, Applying the wisdom of Indigenous Australians in challenging times of transformation
  • 29. Sonia Tallarida, Founder and Director of The Coherence Group, “Starting Over” in our business, careers and other life experiences
  • 30. Peter Shearer, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Author and Karate Teacher, Access Flow in everyday life based on the wisdom of Martial Arts
  • 31. Richard Lawton, Master Voice and Presentation Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author , Manage performance anxiety and strengthen confidence in backing yourself
  • 32. Dr Amy Salzman, Founder/Director of Still Quiet Place, How to use mindfulness and self-compassion practices that athletes use to find flow 
  • Final session to be added!
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Calm in Chaos Recordings

2. Katrina Webb, Paralympic Gold Medalist 
Calm under Pressure

Katrina Webb is a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist from the Paralympic Games in Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004.

As an elite athlete, she trained to manage her mind to access calm under pressure. Katrina said she uses these tools every day now, in these uncertain times. She shared some of her tools and tips to help us during these difficult times where fear and anxiety can take over.

Access to our inner calm is critically needed now, more than ever.
Director, Silver 2 Gold and Newday Leadership
Keynote speaking/Emceeing
High performance programs
Katrina Webb OAM B.Physio AIMM

Katrina Webb is recognised and acknowledged for her success as a Paralympic athlete. She has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in athletics at three Paralympic Games.  She was the first torch bearer to enter the Stadium for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games and in 2006 Katrina was selected on behalf of the International Paralympic Committee to speak at the United Nations in New York. 

Off the track Katrina is the Director of Silver 2 Gold High Performance Solutions which specializes in powering organisations, teams and individuals best.  Katrina is a global ambassador for the International Paralympic Committee and due to her own experience in dealing with a disability and a deep love of helping others, Katrina is the Founder and Director of Newday Leadership a platform to inspire leadership for the greater good. 

Katrina Webb is an international speaker, a leadership and personal mastery consultant, a trainer in Wellbeing and Resilience, a physiotherapist and an accredited workplace trainer and assessor.

Katrina loves to be challenged. She has walked the Kokoda track and has trekked to Basecamp Everest twice. She is also a mother to not just to one but to three beautiful boys. 
Katrina has also generously shared her 

3. Anneli Blundell, Professional People Whisperer
Communicating with people during challenging times

Anneli Blundell is a Professional People Whisperer who decodes people and communication.

Listen to Anneli's tips and insights into questions such as:

How can we influence and help others to stay calm?

How do we communicate with people who are anxious, stressed, angry, frustrated, panicking?

How to stay focused in all the noise while staying informed?

How to communicate with teams working remotely?
Anneli Blundell
As a professional People Whisperer, Anneli has been working with leaders and teams to improve their communication and interpersonal intelligence for over a decade. She brings to her clients a recognised expertise in the field of below conscious communication and motivation. She is obsessed with decoding people and performance dynamics for improved results.

Anneli is also an accomplished leadership speaker, mentor and co-author of Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders. She is currently working on her next book: ‘Decoding Resistance: The real reason people won’t do what you want’. Anneli’s flagship leadership program for young professionals was a recent finalist in the 2014 LearnX Awards and she was a proud finalist in ANZI Coaching’s ‘Coach of the Year Awards’ in 2010, earning the designation of Master Coach in 2012. 

4. Susan Wahhab, Financial Strategist and Money Mentor
How do you plan for financial uncertainty?

Susan Wahhab is a Financial Strategist and Money Mentor, passionate about empowering people to become financially free.

Listen to Susan's advice on:

- How to deal with uncertainty

- What to do to prepare financially for the short term and long term

- 8 steps to survive the next 6 months and be ready to recover and grow

A great mix of philosophical and practical advice on preparing ourselves through the challenge ahead.
Susan Wahhab

Susan is the author of the transformational and practical book, Money Intelligence® – Anchored in Values (click HERE to learn more). She is driven to help people achieve financial liberation and truly believes you can become financially free by developing a healthy relationship with money.

Susan is a leading financial strategist with an uncanny ability to create lateral solutions to complex tax and financial problems. She is a CPA, an Authorised Financial Adviser with Wealth Today Pty Ltd (AFSL no. 340289) and an SMSF specialist.

Susan Wahhab is known for transforming her clients' financial lives. She listens carefully and asks insightful questions to get to the heart of people’s financial issues and tailor solutions.

5. Michelle Gibbings, Workplace Expert, Author and Speaker
Using Gratitude to successfully navigate our way forward

Michelle Gibbings is a Workplace Expert, Author and International Speaker who is studying Gratitude in the workplace in her PhD.

Listen to Michelle's insights on:

- What gratitude is and why it matters

- How gratitude is different to but related to optimism and happiness

- How to access gratitude when we are stressed and anxious

- How to encourage others to be grateful - including teenagers!

Founder and Managing Director, 
Change Meridian

Michelle Gibbings

Comfortable with getting uncomfortable, she’s at the forefront of creating workplace success by helping people embrace the unknown and fall in love with change.

Her key to cultivating thriving environments is working with people through three lenses: as an individual, a leader, and in their wider role (and influence) within their organisation. Tapping into each of these facets, she brings self-awareness to the forefront, empowering people to work with those around them in a way that is productive, healthy and happy.

With every industry, market or sector facing disruption, we are living in a time of unprecedented change. Now more than ever organisations need leaders at every level, inspiring progress by harnessing the energy and capability of its individuals. No matter the organisational system, Michelle is able to equip people with personal insights and a practical toolkit so they are able to take the pragmatic and purposeful steps needed to identify, harness and leverage unseen opportunities.

With her PhD underway, Michelle also holds an Undergraduate Degree in Communications and Commerce, a Masters in International Trade, Certification by the International Federation of Compliance Associations, and Chartered Manager status. She also finds time to give that little bit extra – regularly featuring and writing for major national publications and media outlets.

6. Jo Skipper, Director at The Next Group
Job search and networking while physically distant

Jo Skipper is a Director at The Next Group with 20+ years experience in recruitment, including times when she saw a number of previous recessions.

Listen to Jo's insights on:

- What she is seeing in the market, how recruiters and organisations are responding

- Key tips for successful job searching

- Networking in a physically distanced environment

- What opportunities are starting to emerge

Jo Skipper

Jo heads up the Melbourne business and partners with the executive HR community to source exceptional talent across contract and permanent positions. Jo has a deep understanding of, and interest in, change management and total reward specialisations.

As a member of the company's executive team, Jo is responsible for developing the strategic business plan for the Melbourne HR consulting practice and leading initiatives through to execution.

As a Recruiter she likes to work in an open and transparent manner. She ensures her customers are provided with all the information they require to make the best possible decisions for them and their business. Drawing from her experience across three overseas markets, she has the additional advantage of bringing a level of international insight to the table.
Outside work she tries to maintain a level of sanity in an extremely active household which includes two Jack Russells and a Maltese Shih Tzu.
Useful resource that Jo mentioned:

7. Jacinda Fisher, Clinical Psychologist working with children and teens
Supporting children through challenging times while caring for our own needs

Jacinda Fisher is a clinical psychologist at Developing Minds, a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Psychologists. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD from Flinders University.

Listen to Jacinda's insights on:

- How children may be experiencing the Covid19 world

- What signs to watch out for, especially if they don't talk about how they feel

- How to communicate and support them
- Looking after ourselves and managing expectations

Clinical Psychologist working with
children and teens at Developing Minds
Useful tools that Jacinda mentioned and also provided later:
Calm Kid Central for primary school children
Developing Minds (where Jacinda works) also has free articles and newsletter for parents 
Jacinda Fisher

Jacinda is a Clinical Psychologist and a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Psychologists. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD from Flinders University.

Jacinda has worked as a psychologist over the last 17 years working in both the public and private sectors. She worked as a psychologist with the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) for many years, providing support to teachers, SSO's and families around understanding and supporting students' emotional, social and learning needs and needs in relation to identified disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and dyslexia in the classroom and at school more broadly. Jacinda has also worked previously as a psychologist within a large Adelaide R-12 school to support students, school staff/mentors and parents about how to promote student well being within a classroom and home setting.

Jacinda has also worked as a research psychologist, including herr PhD research in the areas of caregiving, coping, illness and grief and loss.

Finally, Jacinda has also had many years of working with children and teens individually in a therapy setting. In her current role at Developing Minds, she is passionate about helping young people who are finding life difficult because of different personal, social, familial or other circumstances.

She is experienced in supporting individuals experiencing anxiety, depression/low mood, social issues, bullying/exclusion, disordered eating and body image issues, anger and frustration, sleep issues, oppositional/defiant behaviour, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, LGBTQ+ / gender diverse issues, drug and alcohol issues, perfectionism, obsessive-compulsive disorders and organisation/study issues. She is particularly passionate about helping children, teens and families in managing challenges so they don't get in the way of living the life they want.

Jacinda’s therapeutic approach is flexible and adapted to the individual, their age/level of development and their presenting concerns. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) feature predominantly in her work.

8. Stephen Dowling, Founder of ETM, business/individual agility expert
'Unlearning' as a key skill for adapting in the rapidly changing, uncertain world

Stephen Dowling is the founder of ETM, a niche organisation passionate about delivering high impact learning to help organisations to rapidly improve performance. He helps people & organisations to learn, unlearn and relearn.
Listen to Stephen's insights on:
- How critical yet difficult 'unlearning' is to be able to adapt
- How to work out what to unlearn and relearn
- How to unlearn without losing what's still useful
- How to support others to unlearn so teams and organisations can adapt
- Examples of unlearning and adapting
Founder of ETM
Unlearning and driving
business agility
Stephen Dowling

Stephen is the founder of ETM, a niche organisation passionate about delivering high impact learning to help organisations to rapidly improve performance. He helps people & organisations to learn, unlearn and relearn.

He loves helping people to make sense of our fast changing and complex world, and, to play a role in supporting and developing world class leaders for the future. He is pragmatic about supporting organisations achieve the goal of 'Business Agility'.

Stephen has many years (over 25 years+) of international business experience working in countries such as UK, Ireland, Belgium, Hong Kong, USA and Australia. As a project manager, he successfully managed a multitude of different types of projects across many different countries, the largest being a complex upgrade of a US$2bn ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system across 17 countries in Europe.

Over the last 8 years he has become an exceptional course designer and workplace trainer/facilitator in project delivery practices, and is a presenter at events & conferences.
Find out more about Stephen's Unlearn to Learn programs

9. Paul Mischel, Facilitator, Coach, NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist 
Science and practice of relaxation / meditation / mindfulness

Paul Mischel possesses a unique multi-disciplinary background in Facilitation, Coaching, Natural Health, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Martial Arts that is underpinned by over 30 years of experience.
Listen to Paul's insights on:

- The science of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, what happens to our physiology and hormones

- The practicalities and impact of regular practice of meditation and mindfulness

- A simple practice "3 steps to chill" to trigger your relaxation response
Facilitator, Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist
Mindscape consulting
Paul Mischel

Paul possesses a unique multi-disciplinary background in Facilitation, Coaching, Natural Health, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Martial Arts that is underpinned by over 30 years of experience.

He is a highly sought after Facilitator and Coach and delivers programs on Leadership, professional skills, mindfulness, resilience, hypnosis and NLP to corporate clients and health professionals. Paul also maintains a private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has successfully worked with a broad array of physical and psychological conditions.

Paul's approach is highly pragmatic and focused on elegantly practical applications that can be used anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

10. Victor Perton, Chief Optimism Officer at The Centre for Optimism 
The why, what and how of optimism - especially during challenging times

Victor Perton is the author of “Optimism: The How and Why” and “The Case for Optimism: The Optimist’s Voices”. His optimism is indeed infectious - I'm sure you'll feel optimistic by the end of this session!

Listen to Victor's insights on:

- What optimism is and isn't and why it matters, especially in challenging times

- Practical ways to develop your ability to be optimistic, even if you tend to be more of a pessimist

- How to support others to be more optimistic and infect others with your optimism
Victor Perton

Victor is an author, speaker, compère, moderator & barrister. His services include supporting & advising the finest Australian & global leadership with optimistic leadership advice and strategy, advocacy, engagement support, integrity, crisis management and social media. For the right causes, his team undertakes CEO & board searches with optimism as a sought-after quality.

He is a Director on the Boards of Yarra Valley Water, Lifeguard Health Networks, the Global Integrity Summit & the Australian Centre for Financial Studies.

Victor's experience includes stints as Commissioner to the Americas, 18 years a parliamentarian, practice as a barrister, mediator, arbitrator, businessman and board service. He was Senior Engagement Adviser in the Australian G20 presidency supporting Australian leadership of the G20 Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors & in the Brisbane G20 Leaders Summit described by the Prime Minister as "the most important gathering Australia has ever hosted."

11. Dr Jenny Brockis, Medical Doctor and Brain Health Specialist 
Caring for our and others' Mental Health in these challenging times

Dr Jenny Brockis is a Medical Doctor and Specialist in brain health and high performance thinking, author three books and an award-winning speaker.

Learn from Jenny about:

- What warning signs to look out for ourselves and others to care for our mental health

- What to do and say if you are concerned about others' mental health

- What to do to maintain your mental health and how to encourage others to care for themselves
Medical Doctor and Specialist in Brain Health and High Performance Thinking

Connect with Jenny on 
Dr Jenny Brockis

Jenny is a Medical Doctor and Specialist in brain health and high performance thinking, author three books and an award-winning speaker.

Her books include:
Brain Smart : How To Regain Focus, Manage Distractions, And Achieve More
To be published in August - Thriving Mind

She helps individuals, teams and organisations to improve their mental performance, productivity and efficiency using neuroscience and science-backed behaviour change methods. Jenny is passionate about mental health and is keen to share her insights particularly in this unusual time where stress can creep up on you.
Jenny has generously shared some valuable resources:

12. Karen Hollenbach , LinkedIn Training Expert
How to build meaningful connections through LinkedIn while physically distant 

Karen Hollenbach is a LinkedIn Training Expert, Speaker and Commentator ranked in the top 10 in Asia Pacific. Learn from Karen about:

- The do's and don'ts on LinkedIn, some common sense tips which are not necessarily common practice

- How to use LinkedIn to build new connections and nurture existing ones without being transactional

- Types of information to share and not share

Unfortunately, the recording got cut short at 45 minutes, but Karen's presentation is recorded in full.
Connect with Karen on
Karen Hollenbach

As an Independent LinkedIn Consultant & Trainer, Karen has been working for over 10 years with professionals and organisations to teach them how to navigate LinkedIn. Her practical and easy to follow approach to managing your online presence is based on relationship building and content marketing principles.

Karen is the Founding Director of Think Bespoke, a boutique education and training consultancy that's celebrating it's 10th birthday this year. Based in Melbourne and serving clients across Australia, Karen is passionate about helping people unlock their potential. At a challenging time for many, she's actively sharing her deep knowledge of how to use LinkedIn effectively across many professional communities. Identified as one of Asia Pacific's Top 10 LinkedIn Experts in 2019 by Social Media Marketing Institute, Karen is an accomplished LinkedIn strategist, marketer and educator. She has just released her latest course, Profile Essentials, a self paced online masterclass to get your LinkedIn Profile to All Star status.

13. Dana Eisenstein, Leadership and Transformational Facilitator and Executive Coach
Setting and communicating boundaries to maintain our wellbeing and resilience

Dana Eisenstein is a leadership and transformational facilitator and executive coach, with speciality in resilience and courageous conversations.

Learn from Dana about:

- What boundaries are for you

- Different kinds of boundaries and why they are important to clarify 

- How to set and communicate boundaries with others

- What to do when others do not respect your boundaries or they regularly cross your boundaries

- Dana's personal experiences with boundaries
Leadership and Transformational Facilitator at Mindscape Consulting

Connect with Dana on 
Dana Eisenstein

Dana Eisenstein is a masterful Facilitator and Executive Coach who creates collaborative partnerships with individuals and teams to bring about significant learning, performance and enjoyment.

Over the past 20 years Dana has brought her positive energy, curiosity, credibility and attention to a broad range of industries and organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. These include health and medical, banking and finance, telecommunications, utilities, professional services, mining, legal, health, education, manufacturing, primary industry, local government, not for profit and public service.  

Dana has an Honours in Human Resource Development, studied Bachelor of Arts, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology. She is also NLP Practitioner, Master Practioner and holds numerous Leadership and Team Development accreditations. Dana has had extensive experience as a transformational coach and has completed qualifications at the Institute of Executive Coaching Level 1 and Level 2 from 2004 and again in 2010; Certificate in First Aid for Mental Health. She uses a range of self-assessment tools to elicit feedback for her coaching-counterparts and develop their self-awareness, responsibility and self-belief.
Dana is a Colin James Method Facilitator and facilitates and coaches in Colin James’ 2 day Mastering Communications and presentation skills program since August 2015. Dana also works extensively as a Diversity and Inclusion facilitator and coach, specializing in topics like developing psychological safety, inclusion readiness, unconscious bias and leading diverse teams.

14. Wendy Cole, Productivity and Leadership Specialist
Keeping productive as our working arrangements change

Wendy Cole is a productivity and leadership specialist at iMastery.
Learn from Wendy about:

- Key findings from her research on working from home during this pandemic
- The key drivers that enable us to be productive

- Tips on how to remain productive as we work from home and/or from different locations

- Strategies for leading remote teams, including when team members may be unmotivated

Leadership and Productivity Expert

Connect with Wendy on 
Wendy Cole

Wendy is on a mission is to help people in business apply strategies that will enable them to be their best, and as a result do their best work. She started her first business, iPeople, in 2005, and went on to create iMastery in 2010, but has been designing and facilitating workshops on leadership, management, productivity, and recruitment since 2003.

When not working Wendy loves getting outdoors with her partner Michael and their two young daughters. She also enjoys reading, cooking with organic whole foods, daily walks with her dog, and is grateful for any week when she can make it to three or more yoga classes!

15. Audrey McGibbon, Leadership Wellbeing Researcher, Advisor and Expert
Beyond the absence of illness: How leaders can care for their and others' wellbeing

Audrey McGibbon is a psychologist, researcher, advisor into leadership wellbeing and co-creator of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey tool. Learn from Audrey about:

- A definition of wellbeing and the various inter-related elements that make up our wellbeing

- Common misunderstandings or incompleteness in addressing wellbeing
- Practical tips on elements of wellbeing such as dealing with external stressors and our reactions

- The need for short and long term capacity building to enable our and others' wellbeing
Psychologist, Leadership Wellbeing Researcher, Advisor and Expert, co-creator of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)Tool
Connect with Audrey on 
Audrey McGibbon

A psychologist since 1990 and business leader since 1995 Audrey has first-hand insights into the stresses and strains of life as a senior executive and the impact of leaders’ behaviours on a team’s wellbeing and an organisation’s performance. She has also coached 500+ leaders on an individual and team basis and has conducted research into the wellbeing profiles of more than 5000 leaders.

Audrey co-developed the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) with long–term business partner and psychologist, Karen Gillespie. GLWS was built upon robust, evidence–based research and over 50 years combined professional experience in organisational psychology, leadership development, executive coaching and capability design initiatives.

With the GLWS, Audrey has become an accidental researcher, entrepreneur and technologist. While it was never in her plans to do so, her expertise in psychometrics, organisational psychology, coaching and leadership development have converged as a natural evolution.

16. Caroline Ward, International Speaker, Author on Human Potential and Modern Day Yogi
Humans in Transition: How to have the courage to make things up as we go

Caroline is an international speaker and author on human potential, transformational coach and modern day yogi. Learn from Caroline about:
- What we can access within ourselves to manage transitions well
- Core skills and awareness to cultivate to be able to access our intuition and courage
- How to discern the intuitions to follow vs ones that are clouded
- Practical everyday habits and experiments which can help us to develop our skills and awareness
Connect with Caroline on
Caroline Ward

Caroline Ward is an expert in helping people unleash their potential and realise their dreams. In her consulting firm About People, she pioneered organisational transformation processes throughout Australia. Based in Chile during the past 13 years, she has led teams and communities in transition and has worked with individual leaders as as they navigate change in the uncertain world in which they operate.

Caroline is also an educator, a coach, a thinking partner and author of two books, with a third underway. She is a sought after international speaker; a long term meditation practitioner who has travelled to over 60 countries teaching, facilitating and coaching people in areas such as resilience, leading through transition, integrating the feminine archetype and creating a life that one loves to live.

Caroline very naturally carries a deep understanding of transition and transformation and is able to pinpoint specifics within our individual and/or collective thinking, believing and being that either liberate us or keep us stuck. 

17. Diana Renner, award winning author of 'Not Knowing' and 'Not Doing'
Turn uncertainty into opportunity and learn to take effortless action

Diana is an award winning co-author and co-founder and Director of the Uncharted Leadership Institute. Learn from Diana about:

- How we can get caught up in seeking certainty, over-valuing knowing and over-doing due to the illusion of control

- The downsides of expertise, being the one that knows, taking action as a reaction

- Small practical steps to tap into the wisdom of 'not knowing' and 'not doing' in an uncertain and complex world
Diana Renner

Diana Renner is a director and co-founder of the Uncharted Leadership Institute. In her work as a leadership educator and organisational consultant, Diana weaves together adaptive leadership, adult development and complexity theory. She is passionate about the role experiential learning plays in developing capability for success in complex, uncertain and changing environments.

Diana has facilitated leadership development programs within Australia and internationally, including as a guest faculty member with Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

Diana is the co-author of Not Knowing: the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity, winner of the Chartered Institute of Management ‘Book of the Year’ award in the U.K. and translated in ten languages. Her follow-up book, Not Doing: the art of effortless action has been translated in five languages.

18. Pete Jensen, Organisational Wellbeing Strategist and Happiness Expert
How Covid19 may hold the key to our personal happiness, energy and wellbeing

Pete is a wellbeing and happiness expert and the author of 'Lessons in Happiness from the Third World'. Learn from Pete about:

- What wellbeing is and is not and the core ingredients of happiness and wellbeing

- Covid’s reminder of the core ingredients of Happiness

- Breaking the link between loneliness and addictive behaviour

- Practical habits to develop a safety net in times of challenge and prevent a wellbeing implosion

Pete has kindly shared his slides HERE.
Connect with Pete on
Website - Happiness
Website - Larsen Jensen
Pete Jensen

Pete has a burning passion to both help leaders create organisations that are great places to work , as well as equip individuals with the awareness and tools to create sustained happiness and wellbeing.

Over the past fifteen years he has worked with over 20 000 participants around Asia Pacific delivering leadership development, culture transformation, behavioural safety leadership and enabling wellbeing masterclasses and programs.

His breakthrough book, ‘Lessons in Happiness from the Third world’ details the essential ingredients of happiness that the West seems to have forgotten or become too busy to pay attention to.

This has led to Pete becoming a sought-after speaker resource for conferences and organisations including the Workplace Wellbeing university, The Executive Connection (TEC), The CEO Institute, Deakin Prime, The Golden Door, Rotary International, and many others.

Pete’s unique edge lies in his ability to create understanding, meaning, and inspiration, and he provides practical tools and practices to sustain happiness and positivity in all circumstances.

19. Charity Becker, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Supervisor and Ethics Geek 
How our thought patterns can prevent us from accessing calm

Charity is a 'coach of coaches', having been a supervisor, teacher of coaching and executive coach. Learn from Charity about:

- How we can get 'caught' in polarising thought patterns of believing we are right and blaming others

- Why we get so 'caught'

- The unhelpful effect of these thought patterns on ourselves and others

- What we can do to catch ourselves and reframe our thinking

- How we can encourage others to see different perspectives
Connect with Charity on
Charity Becker

With over 1500 hours and ten years of coaching and facilitation experience, Charity is skilled at building trusting relationships fast, and working clients them in a way that is respectful, warm and challenging. Charity creates rapport fast, and works with humour and storytelling to share her expertise, and create a safe environment for leaders to challenge themselves to develop and practice new skills.

Charity is an ex-psychotherapist, who started her corporate world in banking and finance. She has worked with all levels from grads to senior leaders in a range of industries, teaching leadership skills, including coaching, feedback, ethics, story-telling, emotional and social intelligence, motivation and influencing.

She is interested in the practical, and works hard to ensure that what is learned in her workshops are immediately applicable in the outside world. Comfortable to have difficult conversations, in groups and one on one, Charity supports her coaching counterparts and workshop participants to push past their current boundaries, and open up possibilities for professional success and happiness.

21. Joan Lurie, Systemic Change Expert and Founder of Orgonomix 
The role of leaders beyond ‘R U OK?’ in the world of complexity and uncertainty

Joan is a Systemic Change Expert who looks at patterns in systems to help organisations with change that sticks. Learn from Joan about:

- How we are moving from chaos to complexity and need different approaches to leadership

- How complex and uncertain environments require leaders to go beyond being supportive and empathetic

- The advanced skills leaders need to navigate through these uncharted waters

- How each of us can play a part in change in useful ways
Connect with Joan on
Joan Lurie

Joan Lurie is the CEO of Orgonomix, a company she founded in 2008 to assist leaders and organisations to transform themselves and to function at their growing edge. Her work integrates strategy, systems thinking, complexity and adult development theory.

Joan works with executives and leadership teams to help them rewire their thinking to be more systemic, and to design and lead complex adaptive and second-order change in their organisations. With over 20 years of practice and experience, she has taken up both internal corporate as well as consulting roles, helping companies achieve turnaround results - emerging new cultures, operating models and different organisational systems, whilst simultaneously building their adaptive capacity.

Through this practice and experimentation, Joan has developed Orgonomics™ - a proprietary methodology which provides a ‘map’ for leaders to navigate the emerging complexity they face in the new economic landscape. Referred to as ground-breaking, Orgonomics™ enables leaders to fundamentally transform their ways of seeing and knowing; reframe their assumptions and mental maps and repattern their organisational systems for new ways of relating and operating, to achieve higher order functioning and performance.

As a developmental psychologist and systemic change leader Joan’s core purpose is to ensure that leaders and organisations are able to continuously develop, adapt and grow to be fit for and thrive in our complex, ambiguous, uncertain and volatile context. Functioning at our growing edge and developing our adaptive muscle used to be a nice-to-have, but it has now become our individual and organisational imperative; we have to accelerate it for the good of our whole ecology.

22. Zandy Fell, Workplace Conflict Resolution Expert
How to deal with workplace conflict during covid – and not make it worse

Zandy Fell is a Workplace Conflict Resolution Expert and Director of the Zalt Group. Learn from Zandy about:

- What she is noticing about workplace conflict with Covid

- What kinds of organisations are handling conflict well in the current environment

- Her surprising findings with working virtually on conflict resolution

- Tips for difficult conversations virtually and different approaches

- Why she things this time is a great opportunity to resolve disagreements and conflict.
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Zandy Fell

Zandy Fell is a Director with The Zalt Group. As a workplace conflict resolution practitioner, Zandy’s passion is supporting others to prepare for & participate in difficult conversations. She is an experienced and successful mediator, conflict coach, restorative justice facilitator and workplace investigator. The Zalt Group have extensive experience in conducting cultural reviews and supporting the implementation of recommendations.

She combines a legal and HR background with a decade “in the trenches” of industrial relations in the automotive industry. Proactively she supports people to manage their own working relationships for strategic advantage. She has been described as “compassionately confronting”. Zandy’s comfort in conflict is contagious as she supports others to identify & implement their options during workplace conflict.

Zandy is currently honoured to be a Restorative Engagement Facilitator with the Commonwealth Ombudsman for the Defence Force and previously for the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (DART). She has been appointed to the Expert Panel for the Commonwealth Ombudsman to provide strategic insights and training regarding transformational justice. She has also been appointed as a Direct Personal Response Facilitator for the Victorian Government under their commitment to the National Redress Scheme providing a restorative engagement. She is also on the Department of Health and Human Services Positive and Fair Workplace Panel and the Victorian Police panel to provide conflict resolution initiatives.

23. Peter Spence, Sports and Performance Consultant
How a calm and still mind is key to high performance

Peter Spence is a Sports and Performance Consultant with experience working with elite athletes. Learn from Peter about:

- How a calm and still mind contributes to high performance

- Examples of elite athletes in their calm, flow state and their extraordinary performance

- How our mind gets in the way of our performance

- How to cultivate a calm mind so you can handle stress and pressure, even when they are unexpected
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Peter Spence

Peter Spence has a Master of Education and several other post-grad quals. He has spent a lifetime in physical education, sport development, and coaching, including more than 20 years in the Australian high-performance sports system, with the Australian Institute of Sport and the Victorian Institute of Sport.

He has a strong focus on ways to nurture the inner self, whilst developing outer life skills and career capacities and will offer examples from professional sport from around the world. In all spheres of life, from education to sport, the arts and business, he strongly promotes the use of mindful meditation, along with recovery and regeneration protocols and balanced nutrition, as ways to stimulate the body’s natural immune system. Peter stresses that these are particularly relevant at this time of COVID-19, and that self-care and compassion for those around us must not be neglected.

24. Scott Dargan, EQ expert and active manager of his own bipolar condition
Learning about mental health from the direct experience of living with bipolar/depression

Scott Dargan, Founder and Director of Natural Mind Concepts, who has had bipolar/depression from a young age. Learn from Scott about:

- What it's like to have depression

- How Scott actively manages it and the skills involved, which are useful for anyone with or without mental health issues

- The positive aspects of depression

- How we can spot the signs and support people with depression

- How we might normalise it and reduce the stigma
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Scott Dargan

Scott has had over 25 years experience in the corporate world, primarily in banking and finance. He has also been operating as a strategic adviser, management consultant, speaker and facilitator in corporate, government and community environments for the last 12 years.

Scott is also a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert, and he blends this with his knowledge, practical experience and life journey to create customised solutions for both the organisations and individuals that he works with, enabling them to be the best that they can be.

Scott's mental health condition has had an impact on him from a very young age and continues to be part of his everyday life, however, he has worked hard to develop and implement appropriate management strategies in the interests of improving his overall quality of life. Scott is always happy to share his experiences with others and to talk about how his depressive condition both serves and challenges him as he goes about his daily life.

25. Nicola Vague, Founder of Evolving Leaders, Author of "Carving out space to lead"
Get off autopilot, carve out space to be intentional, connected and take conscious action

Nicola Vague, Founder of Evolving Leaders and Author of "Carving out space to lead: Connect with yourself. Grow your leadership. Change your reality." shares:

- the cost of running on autopilot, where overwhelm may be your norm

- what it means to carve out space to lead

- what gets in the way, including one potential reason that many are not even aware of

- steps to make the most of the space you have carved out to grow and lead consciously
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Nicola Vague

During a 25-year career, Nicola has worked with senior leaders in large organisations across both the private and public sectors, the focus being on organisational development and change. Over time she became a student of leadership and in 2014 she founded Evolving Leaders with the purpose of evolving the consciousness of leaders to make the world a better place.

Under the banner of Evolving Leaders, Nicola’s mission is growing better leaders – leaders with the capacity, skills and consciousness to ignite the cultural evolution that is desperately required right now in many workplaces. Her work is inspired by the vision of the ‘human’ teams and organisations of the future that we need to be designing and creating right now to respond and flourish in a rapidly changing world.

As a leadership and organisational development professional, Nicola is a trusted, advisor, mentor, and consultant partnering with clients on cultural change and leadership development programs to ignite evolution and generate change.

As an Executive Coach, Nicola supports people to step into the driver’s seat of their own development and to take conscious and committed action to becoming better versions of themselves. The results? Increased levels of leadership effectiveness, personal fulfillment and business performance.

Nicola brings a fresh perspective into her work, combing her extensive corporate experience in organisational development and change with a decade of intense personal development which includes the study of the arts with a degree in music, a deep fascination with art therapy (counselling) and practical experience with mindfulness and meditation.

26. Tom Verghese, Speaker, Cross Cultural Consultant and Executive Coach
Conscious Aging – how to embrace our age and transition into eldership

Tom Verghese, Speaker, Cross Cultural Consultant and Executive Coach has been exploring Conscious Ageing

- What does Conscious Ageing mean and what would one be doing differently?

- What are we missing out on by not respecting and transitioning into eldership?

- How can we challenge our beliefs around ageing so we can embrace and own it?

- How will you and others benefit from Conscious Ageing?
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Tom Verghese

Dr. Tom Verghese is a consultant, executive coach and principal of Cultural Synergies. He has been an independent consultant for nearly 30 years specialising in diversity and inclusion, global leadership and cultural intelligence. Working with people in different parts of the world has provided him with a broad perspective and the ability to provide groups with the safe space to be able to explore relevant topics.

He is a regular blogger and podcaster contributing to developing high performing, effective and ethical leaders. A passionate educator, father, student and community member, he brings a broad perspective of East and West to life as well as a refreshing candour to his client interactions.

The topic of Conscious Ageing has been of close interest to him over the last few years as he finds himself in the ageing process and wishes to do so consciously. 

27. Norman Buckley, Author of the Facet5 Personality Profiling Tool
How different personalities have handled Covid and lockdowns

Norman Buckley, Author of the Facet5 Personality Profiling Tool looked into topics including:

- How does it help to know your personality in times of chaos?

- How may have different personalities experienced and responded to covid/lockdowns? 

- Have introverts handled it better? Or is it to do with other personality traits? 

- How can we respond and adapt, knowing our personality traits? 

- How can we best support the different types of people in a virtual team setting?
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Norman Buckley

Norman Buckley is a specialist with over 40 years experience in test development and organisational work. His work focuses on delivering practical organisational benefits underpinned by deep psychological understanding.
Facet5 was launched in January 1990, based on ten years of research in personality theory. we have continued to develop Facet5 and it is now a fully web-enabled, multi-lingual approach to personality. The base personality assessment drives a range of diagnostic tools covering individual differences, leadership, corporate culture, team working and the environment. These tools take a common approach and use a non-technical vocabulary to transform the way organisations manage their human capability, thus delivering superior performance. 

His clients include global consultancies, multi-nationals in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, aviation, cosmetics, telecommunications, financial services, transportation, food and tobacco sectors, as well as in central and local government departments and education. 

Norman primarily focuses on research and development while providing in-depth support to the global network of Facet5 partners. Current interests focus on analysis of national character, cross cultural assessment, the creation of culture free ability measures and the interaction between personality and problem solving style.

28. Annalise Jennings, Community and Business Strategist and MaryAnn Coconut, Thanikwithi Aboriginal Elder
Applying the wisdom of Indigenous Australians in challenging times of transformation

Annalise Jennings, Community and Business Strategist, TedxTalk Presenter and special guest MaryAnn Coconut, Thanikwithi aboriginal Elder and Annalise' tribal mother shared their inspiring story of community transformation. Learn:

- The four principles they held on to through the transformation, especially during challenging times 

- How the wisdom and presence of the Indigenous Elders helped the community, how important this is for the younger generation 

- Why this community transformation achieved so much success where others have failed. What was different?
Annalise with her Aboriginal Tribal Mother and Thanikwithi Elder, MaryAnn Coconut
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Annalise Jennings

Annalise Jennings is a business and community strategist with 25 years’ experience in Corporate Banking. Over her career, she has specialized in projects that focus on transformation and maximizing human potential, winning the prestigious SAI Global Business Excellence Award 

She has worked extensively with Australian Indigenous communities and is the creator of Whole of Community Change – a blueprint for economic development, social change and spiritual wellbeing. See her TEDx Talk “The SHIFT from Paternalism, Prohibition, Penalty”. A Finalist for the Banksia Foundation Awards, Annalise addressed the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability and Leadership. In 2017 she was invited to the Nobel Peace Prize Awards in recognition of her community work. A commissioned book, It’s Possible, highlights the success of her Community work and provides guidelines for those wishing to emulate it in their own communities.  

Bringing a blend of corporate professionalism, profound humanity, and indigenous wisdom to her work, Annalise has helped many organizations create balanced and strategic cultures. Working globally, Annalise has dedicated her life’s work to bringing the age-old principles of belonging, connectedness, and caring for the whole into mainstream groups. 

29. Sonia Tallarida, Founder and Director of The Coherence Group, energising teams and leaders
“Starting Over” in our business, careers and other life experiences

Sonia Tallarida, Founder and Director of The Coherence Group shared her personal and philosophical insights around starting over. Learn:

- The difference between pivoting and starting over

- What holds us back from letting go to start over?

- What can you do when you feel stuck or uncertain?

- What's needed for us to find our way and get started?

- How can we keep on track when we face doubt or obstacles?
Sonia Tallarida

Famous for asking the unexpected questions, for provoking a shift in dialogue and for inviting leaders to bring both their hearts and their minds to work of creating high performance - Sonia never shies away from the tough conversations.

Sonia has a skill for emerging what wants to be known, what needs to be seen and working alongside leaders to re-pattern the team dynamic - from the inside-out.

Adept at navigating complex team and interpersonal relations, Sonia is not only a masterful facilitator, she's also an expert in creating partnerships and team environments that bring about unprecedented levels of individual and collective performance and change that sticks. A leader in her field, Sonia brings a unique and indefinable energy to every room and actively engages the inner spirit of leaders and their teams.

30. Peter Shearer, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Author and Karate Teacher 
Access Flow in everyday life based on the wisdom of Martial Arts

Peter Shearer, a Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Author and Karate Teacher. Learn:

- Wisdom of Eastern traditions around flow and how they are applicable to everyday life.

- How to manage anxiety and fear that get in the way of flow.

- Distinctions between centredness and presence/mindfulness.

- How stillness and centredness allow us to respond with intention rather than on autopilot.

And many more ideas and tips...
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Peter Shearer

Peter has worked as a facilitator and executive coach for over 25 years in more than 30 countries across a broad range of industries including mining, oil and gas, banking, government services, telecommunications, education, indigenous affairs, media, legal and financial services. The focus of his work has been on Leadership development and organisational culture change. Included in this period, Peter held the role of a senior facilitator with McKinsey & Company’s Mindsets & Capabilities Practice from 2001 to 2009.
On a personal front, Peter has had a long- term love affair with Martial Arts and Eastern Philosophy. He has studied and taught karate for over forty years, achieving a 4th dan ranking in Okinawa in 2017. He is married, with two children, one cat, has a book about to be published and is a struggling surfer. 

31. Richard Lawton, Master Voice and Presentation Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author
Manage performance anxiety and strengthen confidence in backing yourself

Richard Lawton is a Master Voice and Presentation Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author. Learn through this practical session about:
- How to use your breath more fully to access calm and manage anxiety.
- How to embody a sense of centredness and confidence.
- How to give yourself permission to fill the room with your voice and be heard.
- The connection between finding our voice, our psychology and actions we take.
And many more ideas...
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Richard Lawton

Richard Lawton’s clients are executives, lawyers and leaders who need to demonstrate a powerful presence and confidence in all manner of communication. His unique approach enables his clients to deliver a clear, authentic message. As master voice coach and consultant, Richard has worked with managers and teams, executive-level managers, C.E.O.’s and board directors. As a theatre director and performing arts lecturer, Richard has worked with the Sydney Theatre Company, N.I.D.A., Sydney and Monash Universities.

Richard has worked with thousands of individuals internationally, over his 30-year career. The core of his work has always maintained a focus on assisting people to achieve their potential. He is a specialist in body language and voice work, which has assisted him in devising the “stand and deliver” method, a way of fast-tracking clients in uncovering and re-arranging belief systems.

His book is titled RAISE YOUR VOICE.

32. Dr Amy Salzman, Founder/Director of Still Quiet Place, mindfulness for athletes and high performers
How we can use mindfulness and self-compassion practices that athletes use to find flow 

Dr Amy Salzman is the Founder and Director of Still Quiet Place, offering mindfulness to athletes, coaches, and other high performers . Learn from Dr Amy about:
- What mindfulness is and is not
- The impact mindfulness has on our performance, effectiveness, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
- Practices that enable us to access stillness, calm, even when faced with difficult emotions.
- Understanding our emotions, various layers and cumulative effects
And many more ideas...
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Dr Amy Salzman

Dr. Amy is a holistic physician, mindfulness coach, long-time athlete, devoted student of transformation, wife, mother and occasional poet. Her passion is supporting people of all ages in enhancing their health, experiencing joy, and finding flow (or perhaps more accurately letting flow find them).
She offers mindfulness coaching and holistic medical care to children, adolescents, parents, and human beings from all walks of life. Before moving to Santa Barbara she also worked with employees and executives from Apple, Google, Stanford, Square, Genetech...
This session is for everyone— those of you staying home, those of you working from home, those of you on the frontlines, those of you out of work, those of you with young children or adult children at home, and those living alone…. In this practical, interactive session Amy Saltzman M.D., author of A Still Quiet Place: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and in Life will show you how the mindfulness and self-compassion practices that athletes use to find flow can support you during this unusual time.
Some of you may be dealing with anxiety and depression due the ongoing changes in your day to day lives. Others of you may simply realize this pause in your hectic life is an ideal time to up your mental/ emotional game and practice skills scientifically proven to benefit elite athletes, business leaders, creatives, frontline heroes, people dealing with typical day-to-day stress, and those facing more intense challenges. So join us as we learn skills for achieving peak performance and finding flow.  
Megumi and Quietly Powerful
Quietly Powerful is a movement started by Megumi Miki, to help quieter professionals to succeed on their own terms and help organisations and society to expand their definition of what good leadership looks like.

Due to current mainstream beliefs about what good leadership looks like - typically outspoken and dominant - quiet professionals feel overlooked workplace. On the other hand, Quietly Powerful leaders exist, they make significant contributions to organisations and society. Organisations miss out as incredibly talented people, potential Quietly Powerful leaders, remain hidden and under-utilised. We need to expand our definition of what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like.

Since starting in August 2016, the movement has attracted thousands of people from around the world, with growing interest in Australia and globally on LinkedIn. Her book, Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength was awarded the Australian Career Book Award for 2020 and Best Leadership Book of 2020 by the Australian Business Book Awards.

The work is firmly based on the view that quieter professionals can be powerful leaders in their chosen field because of their quieter nature, not in spite of it. Powerful shifts have occurred in professionals with whom Megumi has worked.

In this current uncertain and chaotic environment, one of the quiet superpowers - inner calm - is critically needed, regardless of personality and natural tendencies. Calm in Chaos aims to spread calm, not panic in these extraordinary times.

Megumi is constantly developing a range of resources and tools for quieter professionals and organisations who wish to unlock their hidden talent - join the movement and Unlock the music you were born to play!

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