* Have you ever felt like your ideas are not heard or taken seriously?
* Are you naturally quieter and feel hesitant about promoting yourself?
* Do you feel exhausted having to pretend to be vocal and trying to look confident?
* Do you feel like you have to be extroverted and ‘alpha’ to get ahead?
How can you succeed on your own terms as a quieter professional?
Find out in this 42 minute presentation to 150 people by Founder of Quietly Powerful, Megumi Miki...
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What's the Quietly Powerful Movement?
Quietly Powerful is a movement started by Megumi Miki, to help quieter professionals to succeed on their own terms and help organisations and society to expand their definition of what good leadership looks like.

Due to current mainstream beliefs about what good leadership looks like, 91% of professionals surveyed feel like they have to be an extrovert to get ahead in the workplace. Organisations miss out as incredibly talented people remain hidden and under-utilised.

Since starting in August 2016, the movement has attracted nearly 1,000 people from 19 countries, with growing interest in Australia and globally on LinkedIn.

The work is firmly based on the view that quieter professionals can be powerful leaders in their chosen field because of their quieter nature, not in spite of it. Powerful shifts have occurred in professionals with whom Megumi has worked.

Megumi is developing a range of resources and tools for quieter professionals and organisations who wish to unlock their hidden talent - join the movement and Unlock the music you were born to play!

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